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I started आईना in 2015. I was 25 years old, living and working in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. I loved my work and truly believed it gave my life purpose. At the same time, I was lonely, stressed, and having a hard time grappling with the politics of rural India.

Blogging (albeit infrequently) helped me process my experiences better. I wrote about the good stuff (the inspiring women I worked with) and sometimes the bad (the everyday reality of caste and gender discrimination). I eventually moved back to Delhi, and आईना evolved into a travel blog of sorts, where I share and reflect on my experiences as I explore the world.

35 posts later, I decided to start a newsletter. Not because it’s the latest fad, but because it feels more intimate — a safe space to share personal stories, write more frequently, reflect on topics I care about, and maybe hear back from you? 🙂

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